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I’m proud to say that I created the logo and branding of our wonderful Indian eatery, Shikara. It’s been great to be part of such an important local project which also undoubtedly serves the best Indian food in the North East, in the most blingtastic two-storey restaurant I’ve seen outside of Mumbai!

A hot pink Indian sunset in full swing, Kerala, 2008

It all started with a photograph I took whilst travelling around India in 2008. I was on a Shikara boat at the time, and the hot-pink sunset was in full swing. Back then, I didn’t know this photo would come to be so influential.

My first task for Shikara was to create a “coming soon” banner to place on the restaurant frontage during building works. It would feature this photograph. I also wanted to create the scene I saw myself when there, but with an illustrative edge which would eventually become the restaurant’s iconic logo.

Shikara’s “Coming Soon…” banner backdrop + illustration

The vibe of the restaurant is getting there: The silhouette of the boat and the palm-tree backdrop portray the excitement of an undiscovered and intrepid journey, and the deep pinks and purples invoke a bold but organic feel with beautiful, calm waters ahead, all embracing the excitement of the restaurant “Coming soon”.

Now that I have a feel for the theme of the restaurant and the artwork to support it, the logo falls into place. The font I chose was the strongest contender as I really fell for the fabulous lower-case ‘a’: Its form echoes the archetypal Indian motif which features heavily in Indian textiles and fashion. The ‘S’ in Shikara becomes the water, the dot above the ‘i’ becomes the setting sun, and the other lettering becomes the stilts for the boat – I’m really starting to get excited about this one! Add the hot-pink sunset colour and make the sun stand out (or moon, whatever you’d like it to be!), and we’ve got Shikara’s logo.

The Shikara logo embroidered onto the waiters’ waistcoats

I also did the menu design as well as photography for Shikara, covering everything from the installation of their light fittings to their opening night and foodie works of art. See the photos here.

Click here for more information about Shikara Indian Restaurant in Whitley Bay or to book a table with sea views, chandeliers, bulbous wine glasses and fantastic Indian eats.


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