The Pedestrian Tyne Tunnel

I thought London was the only place that was lucky enough to host gems like this, but here it is in The Toon.

I fiiiinally got my 36 exposure film developed and was very excited to see the results and show you! But not before I get geeky on y’alls now: The Pedestrian Tyne Tunnel is a fascinating and stunning piece of architecture – Imagine being able to say “My commute to work involves walking along the river bed”. That’s cool.

Built in 1951, it took off to a great start with around 20,000 people seamlessly placing themselves on the right side of a numbered wooden step and descending 306 times its depth. At the time of construction this was the deepest single-rise escalator in the world.

After spending so much time on that step one must have become rather familiar with it, only to then be thrust off it into a deep, moderately lit gangway with two exits curved for reinforcement titled ‘Pedestrians Tunnel’ and ‘Cyclists Tunnel’, and quoted “Christ almighty that’s a canny wak!” probably.

The awesome commute by foot along the river bed begins and takes a claustrophobic 20 minutes. I didn’t make it to the other side so my engrossing story stops there, though I can admit that the walk back up 306 wooden steps was a story in itself.

The Pedestrian Tyne Tunnel is now a Grade II listed building and will soon be renovated, so if you’d like to capture shots similar to mine, do it now! Or you can purchase mine for a small fee…

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